Larvikite Moonstone Bracelet

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Genuine ,Natural ,high quality Larvikite Moonstone bracelet . Matching these two  gemstones is a perfect combination. Larvikite is a gray gemstone with a rainbow shine into it , makes it a very special bracelet for women. This gemstone bracelet has 8mm beads ,  strong cord, silver plated spacers. Unique design 

The bracelet come gift wrapped and if it's a gift I can include a card with your short personal message on it for free.. :)

Size: Please make sure you measure your wrist as the picture shows and select the wrist size.
( you DON'T have to add an inch anymore!) If you need help ,or it's a gift and don't know the size, contact me and we will figure it out.. :)

Meaning:  Larvikite is a powerful shaman stone. Repels all forms of negative energies that surrounds you, helps you find your inner vision and enhance your psychic abilities. Remove negative thoughts, helps with concentration, protecting and grounding, wonderful stone for meditation and astral travel. Larvikite helps sense the presence of nature spirits, has powerful connection with the Earth's energies. Larvikite is the stone of protection and inner transformation, teaches you patience, helps you adopt to changes in life, keep you focused to achieve your goals.

Moonstone is best known for it's calming energies connected with the Moon.. Moonstone is also known for accessing your subconscious mind, and helps you find your higher self, strengthens your Intuition and creativity, helping you through new starts and beginnings, boosting your feminine energy and  helps with fertility..