How to cleanse and charge your gemstone bracelets

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How to cleanse and charge your gemstone bracelets

Beside the healing properties gemstones offer, they're also absorb energies from their surroundings.. Therefor it's important to cleanse and charge them to remove unwanted energies from people who touched them or the vibrations they absorbed and restore their clean, pure energy. To charge a stone is to replenish its energy, so it will work for you more intensely.. But how do we cleanse them and charge them?And how often? 

Well, if you wear your gemstone bracelet daily I would say cleanse and charge it once or twice a week, if you wear it occasionally then at least once a month is a must.. There are multiple way to cleanse gemstones such as sea water, or soak in water with sea salt, or run under tap water, or a bury them in a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours, or smudge them with sage.. But since we talking about bracelets here with silver and metal parts I wouldn't advice you to soak them in water as it can tarnish  .. The best way is run your bracelet under tap water for a bit, dry it with a towel, then use sage to smudge it.. Light up a sage stick, blow out the fire and use the smoke to cleanse your bracelet for a min or two.. Sage is the best way to cleanse gemstones, it removes all negative energies and unwanted vibrations.. Native Americans and many other  tribes use sage to smudge to  purify their home, their body, their aura,  their space and everything, so it's been a traditional ritual hundreds if not thousands of years.. 

Once you cleansed your gemstone bracelet with sage it's time to charge them up!! The best way to charge them is set them out in sunlight or moonlight for all day or all night.. Moonlight is safer, because some gemstones can fade over time if you leave them out excessively in the sun.. Watch out with rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, aquamarine as they can fade if you leave them out all day, charge them in moonlight instead.. Full moon is the most powerful, so every month when it's full moon its the best time to cleanse and charge your bracelets.. Put them out in your balcony, yard, patio or windshield, leave them out all night and bring them in before the sun comes up.. If you charge them in sunlight, it's the same thing, leave them for at least 6-8 hours in the sun to charge it up fully.. You can also use selenite plates to charge up your gemstone bracelets, when the weather is not optimal, selenite plates are very effective.. You can buy selenite plates on Amazon or at your local crystal shop or other online sellers.. :) 

Last step :Set your intention!! The last part is the best part, once your bracelet is charged up its time to set your intention in it..  Hold it in your hands and imagine a white light from your third eye (  located above / between your eye brows) going through the stone and say what you need help with.. It's like when you make a wish before you blow the candles on your birthday cake.. :)  Each gemstone has different meanings, I described their meaning in the description of each  bracelet so use them what they made for.. For example rose quartz for love and relationships, aventurine is for luck and abundance and to grow your business, Black tourmeline for protection, aquamarine for calming and healing, carnelian and tigers eye for courage and power etc.. You can also Google the meaning of your gemstone, it's plenty info on my page and online in general.. 

If you cleanse, charge and set your intentions in your gemstone bracelets regularly, it will work  well for you to improve your life and help you get through hard times.. If you don't believe that gemstones have healing properties that's fine too, some people wear them for their beauty, but you should definitely read about it cause they are truly magical and they are the  earth's gift for us to use them for their healing properties .. :)  You can even see videos on youtube how they test black tourmelines to work with radiation, as black tourmeline is very powerful to absorb radiation from phones, computers etc and purifies these harmful energies and neutralizes it.. Very interesting.. :)