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 I created this one of a kind cat bracelet design for gray white cat lovers..:) It's unisex! The gray and white gemstone beads imitates your cat color, so you can wear your kitty wherever you go! :) It's made with high quality, genuine mashan jade and white alabaster gemstone beads so it has strong properties and meaning to it. :) . .Whether you just like the color, or you have a smokey gray/white cat, or a fan of gemstones , this gemstone bracelet will be perfect for you or as a gift.. Made with a strong, sturdy quality stretch cord (not the cheap common clear ones) , and 8mm beads..:)
The bracelet come gift wrapped and if it's a gift I can include a card with your personalized message on it for free.. :)

The bracelet come gift wrapped and if it's a gift I can include a card with your short personal message on it for free..:) If you like any little changes on the bracelet, different dangling charm, letter charm, add or remove something , a card with your short note, send me a private message and we can discuss. :) I do it for free. :)

Size: Please make sure you measure your wrist as the picture shows and select the wrist size. ( you DON'T have to add an inch anymore ) If you need help ,or it's a gift and don't know the size, contact me and we will figure it out.. :)


Meaning :

Mashan Jade aka mountain jade is not a jade but it's a trade name for a white dolomite marble that dyed in vibrant colors..Dolomite helps you find your balance in life.. Helps to remember dreams, brings up new ideas, connects you with higher realms and helps you with new beginnings. Perfect stone to wear when you start a new job, new relationship or when you move into a new town..

White Alabaster is the stone of purity. Promote peace and calmness, fight stress, heal arguments . Relieve anxiety and sadness. It is used to heal loneliness, isolation and despair. Connected with spirituality and a fantastic align stone for any psychological disorders.