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Dear Dog Lovers! After creating my successful Kitty Series, I got a lot of request for doggie bracelets ,so I decided to make you custom made ones! Now you can wear your doggie wherever you go! It's also a great gift for your dog lover friends/family or even for people who's dog passed away, to carry the memory of their beloved pet..

All bracelet made of high quality gemstone beads with strong meanings and properties and made with a very strong stretch cord. The dog bracelet come gift wrapped, with the description of the meaning of the gemstone, and I can also attach a card if it's a gift, with your personal note  free of charge. :) 

Please  measure your wrist and add 1 inch to choose the bracelet length! 

Many of you have mixed dogs so for that reason all dog bracelet comes with a paw charm but if you have a pure breed dog I can send you the link for dog breed charms (not my store) so you can order the extra charm from them and add it to the existing paw charm or switch it if you feel like.. :) 

I make each bracelet custom made  so please send me a picture of your dog and I have to see first if I have that color gemstone beads to match. If I have the color I can make it in a day or two, if I have to order the beads it can take a week or two.. Please keep that in mind that sometimes I don't have nor can't find that color beads, cause gemstones do not come in every color , it's limited so I can't match every dog..Dogs come in so many colors but I will try my best to match and you will see what you get before you purchase.. :)

Please contact me first with a picture of your dog so I can see if I can make it.. Do not purchase until I show you the matching beads.. I try to match every request, and I show you the bracelet before I send it out, in case you want any changes on the pattern or the design etc..