Carnelian Necklace Set

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This beautiful handmade necklace set made with quality glass beads a strong wire cord, and a wire wrapped genuine Carnelian gemstone cabochon pendant.. Comes with  matching Carnelian gemstone earrings.. 

Size : 20 inch long necklace

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Meaning : Carnelian is a stone of courage, boldness and passion.. It's  boosts your  courage and self-confidence, helps you overcome difficult tasks, purifies the blood and improves circulation, and helps you take action.. Gives you energy and an extra push when you tired.. It is the  stone for bringing motivation and determination in your life, as well as guiding you to recognize your self-worth and gives you the confidence you need.. . This stone empowers your self-confidence in all aspects of your life – from relationships and professional pursuits to personal projects. If you are shy or a timid speaker it will give you confidence and courage to get through anything challenging in your life.. It brings out your passion and inner creativity.. Take it to your job interviews, school tests, immigration interviews, public speaking events or whenever you need help with confidence and better performance..

Gemstones also have physical properties for health, so make sure you Google " carnelian meaning"  for more info.. :)